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I have tried the 32/36DGV, the 38/38DGES and 40/40DGV. I personally prefer the 32/36, I got a few modifications on my car and when I put it to the floor, it reacts as if it had a vtec or vvl sistem, and pulls hard. The 38/83 has a great throttle response and makes a louder exhauts noise, but doesn't have the vtec feeling. The 40/40 is the last one I used but had some problems because I got an electric fuel pump, and it was sending more pressure than it was supposed to throw and it was flodding the carb, I fixed the problem and it ran greattt :thumbup: . With the 38 or the 40 i could do some really good tire burning jahaaa, they got a lot of low end torque and very fast response. but I don't know why I felt the 32/36 pull a little more on higher revs.
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