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bII said:
Yeah, I tuned it a little, there's a lot of feel and sound to it, almost old world. Once you have it running though, its heaven, more power, and a beautiful sound too. Use the adapter bracket for the throttle though, I ghetto fabricated my own and I've had problems with it, no sense redesigning the wheel.
i wish i had the throttle cable adaptor that came with the kits, I have the most ghetto adaptor ever.. I bought a throttle cable off ebay and made a cable that connects to the linkage on the carb, and the thing that holds the outer cover of the cable is held by a piece of angle iron held down by a bolt on the brake booster ( yeah i know that's way wrong... ) It works great, I added a heavy throttle return spring too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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