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I have an OIly Alternator, WHat causes oil to leak around that area?

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Hey Boys, My mechnic was looking at my car and told me that i need to change a belt because its making me leak oil all over my alternator, and if i let the problem persist i might have a bad alternator in the near future. Told me it woudl be $300 for the entire job if the alternator goes bad. Has anyone here experienced oil leaking on the alternator, maybe i have a leaking valve or cam cover. I looked in the general area and i cant see anything that woudl be leaking right on top of the alternator. Maybe its the belt that making it travel down to the alternator. Help Thanks.

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Thank you greenbean, Cute name! A couple more questions, the pictures dont work so i couldnt see if this is the engine i have. I have a 99 sentra GXE, do i have the same engine? Also, one of my friends knows cars well, do you think this is somthing he could fix with out looking at the pictures and just reading the write up? thanks again for all the help.

Yeah you have the same engine. That is the problem 90% of the time. If you have tools and the time its not to tough of a job.
yes, and the sooner you change the seal the better, other have said that it made their alternator go bad. Seal from Nissan parts is about $7 here in the USA.
thanks so much for everyones help. Much appreciated.
i had a leaky oil pan and it leaked all over my belts too. so check that! i thought it was the latter for a while though.
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