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I'm a pacifist. I live and let live. When critters come into my attic and start running around making heathen noises at the wee hours in the morning, I let them be. Strike one. I figure St Francis talked and took care of animals. I would too. But then I think they chewed through our phone lines. Strike two. Well we still have a few phones working, I'm gonna let it slide again. On Friday when I came home from work, I walked into the living room and I saw a grayish brown tail scurry around the corner. Strike three. The squirrel has landed. Somehow it got into our house. It busted a hole through the ceiling and landed in our house. It then proceeded to leave a trail of presents everywhere it went. For some reason. It liked my bathroom. It proceeded to totally trash the place. Leaving presents on the wall, on the towel, and around the toilet. IT WAS TEH NASTY.

I followed that tail into the kitchen and tried to shoo it out the back door. I opened the garage door, and the back door to let it out. And I thought the house was safe. I figure it would take it's quickest chanCe to get out this unfamiliar environment. NOPE. Today, there were more presents. And so my friend and I made a trip to Homedepot for some weapons. High pitched screechers and steel wool. Hopefully this stuff will drive them out tonight. I HATE SQUIRRELS.
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what do you plan to do with the squirrel once you catch 'em
so did you catch any yet?
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