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The other day i was browsig trough forums and i saw a post about a turbo kit for the qr25de engine. the company that makes the kit is called FORCED INDUCTION RACING. They clame the kit puts out 250whp. i was just wondering if any one has ever heard of this company, and if so is a god company to go with.

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this is where i foud the info.

"Ok it is. This is what I can sell you guys complete kits for. Complete meaning you won't have to buy anything else to start your car and drive it when done. My kit includes everything needed including specially fabbed hoses, adaptors, and everything to incorporate the turbo and it's components. These are basic kits and there are A LOT more options such as turbo timers, clutches, bigger turbos, pistons, rods, ignition upgrades(sr20de), bigger intercooler, more guages, elec. boost controllers, etc...etc.. What these kits will offer is...
Tubular Manifold
Electromotive TEC II and all sensors(QR and QG engines)
(custom crank wheel trigger for TEC II equipped vehicles)
(JWT ECU and modiffied harness for SR20DE kit)
(Cobra MAF and plug for SR20DE kit)
(IACV valve/adaptor plate and '96 02 sensor for SR20DE kit)
precut intercooler hoses
precut oil hoses and stainless steel lines
Fuel pump
Regulator and fuel return lines/fittings(QR and QG will require
mods for return line)
boost and air/fuel guage
vacuum lines
boost controller
cone air filter
new NGK colder plugs

These are very detailed kits, and will come with DETAILED instructions! Including color photos and step by step instructions. Still, this is not for the faint of heart and I would recommend that you either bring your car or ship it to me, or get it installed by someone who knows what they're doing. Here are the prices and HP levels you can expect. The SR20 and QR25 kits will be available in late June and August. I will begin taking orders as soon as I get the dyno numbers around that time. Unfortunately, these will be available for the manual tranny equipped vehicles only for now. More research needs to be done on the automatic and I need to adress those issues. and dependability is the main concern here!

2000-2001 SR20DE turbo kit (basic)
HP(up to)330whp
3500rpm spoolup with very hard top end pull!
starting price: $3945.00 shipped

2000-2002 QG18DE turbo kit (basic)
HP(up to)225whp
1800rpm spoolup! NO lag! Great low and midrange power!
starting price: $4785.00 shipped

2002 QR25DE turbo kit (basic)
HP(up to)250whp
3000rpm spoolup with great midrange and hard top end!
starting price: $5155.00 shipped


Forced Induction Racing
If you're going to build it right the first time!


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yes, that is Travis' company. He is on B15sentra alot. He is awesome! He is also making an Intake manifold as well as some other goodies for us. If you got the money buy it. It will be worth it....

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Thanks for filling m in. If it's gonna b a good investment theni'l buy it.

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That is, unless you set it in your garage on blocks until it becomes a classic, then you could probably sell it for more than you bought for it, fifty some-odd years later. New cars are expensive, and old cars are expensive. There's that period in between where they're worthless.

I guess that would make it an extremely long term investment, perhaps.

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yeah i mean the new one is only 280 horse from a 3.5L...the se-r would kill it huh. Oh and that junky old 300zx with only 300hp, yeah it just looks good, but i mean 300hp wouldnt beat the se-r with is 165 horse :p

lemme try whatever your smoking :p
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