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here are some pics to the resurrection of a 1997 200sx SE 5spd. they are about a year old, jsut took me that long to get ahold of them, but this is how poor kids from small towns get "nice" cars for college.

working as a autobody tech at my father's body shop for over 7 years made this pretty quick due to having the know how and tools.

got smacked on the butt....

cut away the damage

read end clip of a front impacted 200sx

to give an idea where we stichted along the floor board

up on stilts...also you can see where we are splicing, the sail panel areas missing body were where we made little splice patches to weld onto

cut it in half

setup in the booth

masked bandito....

i picked out this pearlescent blue/white, it looks pretty rad in the nitetime parcking lot lights

finished product!

so far i put a WAI, pacesetter headers, touchscreen, polk momo 6.5's 6x9's and 12" sub, dyna matted the entire car, tint.

soon i hope to continue in the engine department and begin the custom trunk and speaker enclosures in the cabin. maybe some more paint later on...somethin cool i guess.

well thanks for looking, jsut showing what i got to do the fisrt summer i had off from highschool.

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Impressive work there!
Well Done!

Here in South Africa we have a lot of panel shops that do this.

And we see a lot of cars that break apart at the welding during accidents as well, makes you wonder.

I personally would rather just get a new complete shell.

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900$ for the rear-end clip, labor was free(as i did it all myself), materials were about 600$ total. i mean for what it is all worth i guess you could go out and buy one for about 2000$-3000$ and not deal with the hassle of reproducing a car, but it was more of a oppurtunistic project/hobby, i needed a new car to replace my 1991 pathy 4x4 5spd which was about to kick the bucket, plus i get 33mpg now vs. the 12mpg!

it was pretty much brand new when the lady wrecked it and it sat out behind the shop i work at for about 3 years...only 60,000 miles on it. everything was prestine, a/c worked, etc. the only thing it had was a mess of makeup-butter on the was owned by a woman though....

i think the metal around our welds will break before the welds do....put in about 60 hours of arms were holy after all that flying molten metal. but i am waiting for one good smack to test it

as for keeping it stock, my poor college kid budget helped keep it that way, but i hope to moddestly mod it, maybe lower it, rims, more paint, i is the only limit, but that should all change as obama is gonna give us all a trillion dollars!!

well thanks for the reviews, i just thought someone might think this kinda stuff is cool.
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