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bahearn said:
First, hypercoil is incorrect name, it's hyperco.
To further clarify that, "Hypercoils" is HyperCo's brand name for suspension springs.

bahearn said:
Second, it's obvious there are some really green people here who need the full spec spelled out. It's 350 lb/in, as in pounds of force required to compress the spring one inch. This is the standard way to specify spring stiffness in North America. For metric countries, you'll see kg/cm, kilograms of force required to compress the spring one centimeter. These numbers have absolutelty nothing to do with the amount of total weight the springs can support.
Just one correction there. In countries that use metric, kg(f)/mm (kilograms-force/mm) is the standard. The reason for that is simplicity: Spring rates can be expressed as relatively small numbers with kg(f)/mm.
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