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Hey all, my name is Rick and I am from Tampa, FL. I reside a lil north of Nashville since I am a soldier in this great Army the U.S. has. I am currently on my third tour in Iraq and will be home in Oct.
I have a few cars in the garage, mostly imports. The flavors are Honda, Mitsu, and last but not least by a long shot a Nissan Truck.
I am a member of a few other forums regarding my other vehicles, it seemed only fair to have a forum for the truck since it will see lots of love soon since it is the bike hauler. I have been around the block a few times that does not mean I know it all, but it does mean I am glad to help, give advice, and even moral support with my presence and a six-pack of brew(if you live in my area). Thanks for having me.---Rick
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