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hey hey hey

i'm justin. i'm not new to vbulletin. but new to this forum. i'm a regular on 3.8mustang and if i have time will probably become a regular on here too. anyhow.........i really like mustangs, camaros, f-birds and the such. but for sports cars my first love was the first time i saw a 1989 turbo 300z. sweet cars and they handle so well. still a favorite of mine. and the skyline is my utmost favorite car ever. i'm sure others will agree that its one of the best cars every produced......period. and i've never even seen one in real life. :thumbup: far as cars go i'm pretty much a detroit v8 guy. just gotta love that stump-pulling torque and the sound of a finely tuned small block winding up to around 7500 rpms and running the

but i also have a fascination with street trucks. and though i haven't bought one yet i'm drawing up plans for one of the baddest street trucks ever. i'm interested in the 01-04 s/c frontier. i'm curious as to what other frontier owners have done to theirs and what performance gains can be had with this engine and if its even worth it. but thats another thread.

see you guys around
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