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This is going to be a How-To / Do It Yourself Thread

Feel Free to post any directions on modifications to your vehicle or maintenance. Please be descriptive, and pictures are worth a thousand words.

Any information I deem unworthy will be deleted immediately. There is a whole lot of information here, and I seriously doubt there is anything there, that has not already been posted.

A special thanks to Luke at for a majority of these directions.

An Asterick " * " in front of any Mod means that I have performed this mod at one time or another, and can possibly help if you have any problems.


4th Generation Maxima

*Always Illuminated Clock
Override cruise control auto shut off
Dual Exhaust Install
*97-99 Fog Light Rewire
FlipFlop Trunk
Indiglo Gauges
Koni front inserts w/ sprint springs
Glass and Shock sensor to your Factory Theft deterrent system
Skyline Tail lights (Altezza Modifications)
*Speed Limiter Removal
*Remove rear Speakers
One touch feature on sunroof
Turbo Talk
*Variable Intermittent Wiper
HLH0501's Auto to 5spd Conversion
*Changing Spark Plugs
*1997-1999 Nissan Maxima Clear/Red Tail light Conversion
The Poorman HAI
Building the Bulge Mesh Grill for 97-99
4th Gen Maxima Alarm Beep
Middle Eastern Variable Intake Install
How to "red-out" your tails (especially for 95/96 owners!)
Sunroof Service Procedure
*Replacing Headlight Bulbs
*95-96 Clear Corner "Rewire" -- Making it Brighter.
Ionic Bodykit Install
*Painting Dash Board Written By HNE
Valve Body Install
*Dallas Nissan Enthusiasts Dallas Taillight Mod
How to change the clutch slave cylinder hose
*Hyper Grounding System
*97-99 AE headlights Written By HNE
*Bumper Lens Re-Wire w/pics Written By HNE
Smoked Bumper Lights
If you do not see something you are looking for, check the 4th Gen How-to's.

5th Generation Maxima

*2002 Orange headlight reflector removal
Injen Intake
*Painting Brake Calipers
*Home Made 3" Cold Air Intake
2K2 Headlight Alarm Fix
*Test-pipe or High Flow Cat. Install
*Clear Corner Install
Install Infinity BassLink w/Remote LC, RF 8-gauge wiring kit, and External On/Off switch
*FSTB Installation
*Stillen Rear Sway Bar - 2000 Nissan Maxima
Walbro GSS342 (High Pressure 255lph) fuel pump Install Written By LatinMax of DNE
300ZX TT Brake upgradeWritten By LatinMax of DNE
2k2 AE Pedals
"Joshua Tree Woodtrim" Dash Kit
*2k2 Stillen FSTB
2k2 Stillen RSTB
SC CAI (while keeping your washer bottle)Written by LatinMax of DNE
If you do not see what you are looking for, check the 5th gen How to's.

Non Specific Modifications

*Clunky and rattling suspensions fix
NX Installation Instructions
Installing a Qualife Differential
*Match your Clock to your Interior Lights I did this mod, but went back to stock b/c I didn't like the results.

More to come!
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