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Hey guys,

So new to this forum.
Got a 1992 Pathfinder used and was wondering how i use 4x4 and all that.
No manual, so dunno the procedure.

My first SUV and was looking for some help.

Basically in neutral, select 4 high / 4 lo, and drive like normal?

Ive got auto hubs up front.

THanks in advance.


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you can shift on the fly between 4 high and 2 hi, try to do it at lower speeds (40kph and less or so)
to shift into 4 low the vehicle must be at a stop, front wheels should be straight if possible. same goes to shift back from 4 low into the high range. complete stop and change.
4 low is only for offroading or when you need low end non wheel spinning torque. Also, keep the revs low. in 4 low your top speed in 5th gear would be around 45-55kph i believe, not that you should be going that fast in low range anyways.

also, in 4-hi do not exceed 80kph and try not to drive for extended periods on dry asphalt. this will burn out your transfer case and extended periods on pavement will cause the ehubs to bind making it difficult to shift back into 2-hi. if this happens come to a complete stop, shift to 2-hi and drive in reverse, then forward. This should release the hubs.
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