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I plan to clean or replace lash adjusters or rockers on the ka24e in my '94 HB. This has steel bolts in an aluminum head. These parts have known each other for 200,000 miles worth of heat cycles. I warmed the engine and tried to loosen them but each moved about 5 to 10 degrees and stopped. I know what stripped bolts feel like when I strip them and I don't want to make an anchor out of the head. Does anyone have (successful) experience removing these bolts? Is this best done with the engine at operating temperature? Should chemical assistance make a difference?

P.S. The clatter I hear is separate from timing chain noise and occurs independent of temperature, weather or recent engine activity. Also, I have seafoamed both the fuel and the oil and have used three different weights of oil. Each solution works! For up to a week, that is, then the problem reverts to it's random pattern.

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