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I am getting ready to work on my nissan sentra 1985 (E16S, B11 5 speed manual transmission). I am just trying to be safe than sorry while working on this project. How do I hook up the engine support beam and where does the engine slinger/lifting tab gets bolted on the engine block. Northerntools (1100lb max capacity) and harbor freight(1000lb max capacity) carry them. Have anybody used them in a nissan sentra b11/b12? Are they any good?

About the engine mounting, the factory manual talks about removing engine gusset securing bolt and engine mounting. Does this mean I have to remove the whole front mounting near the exhaust manifold. Do i have to remove them totally out or can I loosen them up only? I was planning to take the tranny out and mount the engine block back up while working on my clutch. Will the engine gusset/mount be on my way when i take the tranny out because I am been reading that I have to tilt the tranny to an angle to slide it down. How high do I have to jack the car up from the ground? The front mount is the mounting under the exhaust manifold? right. what is the gusset the FSM talks about? Do I have to unbolt any of the EGR pipe, distributor or air intake pipes that connect to the engine block in order to remove the transmission?

Another question that I have is how do I loosen up my transmission drain plug? I manage to loosen up the filler plug. How do I drain the gear oil before I start to work on the clutch? I was tempted to suck the gear oil with a hand pump but I am not sure it will do a good job as the drain plug. Any ideas on this? This will save me alot of hassle cleaning up the mess later on. I read in the forum that torch the transmission drain plug to red hot and throw some cold water on it and that should do the trick. But I don't have the torch to heat it up and the clutch is worn out so bad that I could not drive it to get some help from the neighborhood mechanic. Any suggestions on taking out the drain plug?

Can i go ahead and unhook the control rod and support rod from transaxle, unhook starter, disconnect the speedometer, reverse switch, neutral switch and loosen up the axel hub nut while the car is on the ground. I am just trying to unhook/unbolt as many parts as I can while the car is on the ground. I am certainly going to put it on jack stand on the side member and support the engine by placing a wood (2x6) under the engine sum pan. Is there any other way to support the car with a jack stand at the front? On top of that I am trying to hook up the engine support beam to be extra safe. This will support the engine while I am working under the car. About supporting the engine sum pan with block of wood, there is a drain plug under the oil pan. How do I place the wood under the pan without damaging the drain plug? The drain plug is on the base/underneath the sum pan. I might be able to avoid the drain plug altogether but I might not be able to support the whole base but 0nly 80% of pan base to support it with the wood(2x6). Thats the reason I am not confidence about the stability of the wood on a floor jack supporting the engine pan. Greenbean669 and OchnofConcrete were saying that the wood support will be just fine.

Thanks in advance for your time.
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