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How to check engine codes?

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I know I dont have a sentra, but both my mom and my girlfriend have sentras, both which seem to be running quite strangely lately. Moms car under warranty so thats goin right to the dealer, but girlfriends car is kinda messed up. Pickup has gone down and its burnin oil kinda quick.. i think it may be the O2 sensors. Can somebody please tell me how to get the checkin codes? I know with mmost american cars u can put a wire in the diagnostics under specific jumpers and turn the key to ON and it will reveal the engine error codes, but i have been readin on how to get it off this 96 sentra, and it makes no sense to me. Unscrewing the entire unit and turning it?? Somebody please make some sense of this for me. Thank you
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Check the usual stuff first, make sure connections are tight and have contact. Check the harness to see if there's corrosion, the VTC does not usually have problems, it's more likely electrical.
Yes a faulty egr can harm performance and no you cannot pass without it. I reduces NOX in the exhaust. You lose performance because your ecu constantly adjusts for it and if it's missing then your timing gets all out of whack.
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