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I have a 2001 Sentra XE and am looking around for some aftermarket accessories for it and can't seem to find many for the XE. I'm thinking that things that are advertised for the GXE and SE models might fit but I wanna be sure.
Does anyone know if the models from 2001 are similar enough with reguards to the shape and size of the vehicle to interchange the aftermarket parts?
If I get a strut brace for a GXE will it fit on my XE?
Also can anyone give me some links to sites that sell aftermarket accesories for newer Sentra's like mine?

Any help will be very much apprecaited.

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GXE and XE are the same except for certain accessories that come with a new car (i.e. spoiler, power windows, abs, etc.) The SE is the 2.0 model so any parts for that won't fit your car. Parts for the GXE will surely fit the XE, just make sure you know if you have ABS or not when your purchasing suspension parts such as brakes. Good luck! :thumbup:
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