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Ok, mr. smog here :)

I can't seem to pass, I think it's the timing because of the timing chain/everything-under-the-hood repair I did a while back.

I ran the timing pretty advanced about a week ago. The car ran great, had craploads of power, engine ran sharp as a tack, but once I finished the tank full of 91 octane, I could actually hear it ping pretty bad.

The last time I timed it not in timing mode. This time I timed it in timing mode, but the problem is, as soon as I connect the TPS, I LOOSE about 10-15* of timing, instantly. That can't be normal. What kind of a drop is typical?

The smog guy sais the car is low on vacuum, so when I timed it before I connected a vacuum gauge and indeed it said the timing was late, so I advanced it, got it back up to around 22 mmHG (I think that was the scale, might have been InchesHg) anyway like I said it ran great, but I do think it was way to advanced.

So right now the car runs sluggish, I got probably 15mmHg, and it is set to 10* in timing mode, but the second I connect the tps, it drops to about 0*. If I get on the throttle with the tps connected, While watching the timing marks, I can see the car advance the timing like it should.

Any ideas? The smog tech says the cat is fine because my numbers look good for co2 and 02.

One other thing -- I am getting about 30mpg with mostly fwy driving, so I think that's pretty good (no?)

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After you warm the motor and rev it you should turn it off, disconnect the TPS, and restart. Rev over 3000 RPM's 3 times, check idle, adjust, and check timing from there. Do not rev or do anything else adjust your timing to 10 degrees at this point and don't worry about anything else.

Vacuum (barring any leaks) can be affected by idle so a higher idle will provide more vacuum.
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