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How much money

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How much of your paycheck do you put into your car?
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Most of it right now, but I live at home until Sept. After I move out... probably next to zero :(
Repairs wise or Mods wise?

Repairs Wise: 95%

Mods Wise: 0%
u dont mod your car?
89Sentra said:
u dont mod your car?
Can't afford to right now. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to mod the living hell out of my car, but the problem is, I am apprehensive about putting money into it, because I keep having to have something repaired or replaced, at least once a month I'm at the dealer. Its not fair on me, but I'll live with it...
Mods strictly...

1200 in suspension, 700 in the engine and 400 toward the paint (insurance covered the rest of the paint).
Yeha im hesitate too becuase my cars 13 yrs old... 3 years younger than me lol
Wow... Over the last 4 weeks, here's what I've spent...

800 for the car <Engine was sludgy as hell, with 3, count em 3 spun rod bearings, and 2 MELTED main cap bearings>
150 tags and taxes
250 for engine
70 for a .010 ground under crank
40 for main and rod bearings
20 for oil/filter/antifreeze

Purchase/Maintenance - $1330

150 with trade for an aluminum flywheel
20 for a poly shifter bushing
10 for a used K&N cone with the Mass Air adapter

$180 so far on mods

Wow. I'll have a running, driving car <hopefully> with a few mods for about $1500 and 36 hours of sweat. Sweet :D
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thas hot.. u do all the work yourself?
Me and a buddy here in town that used to own a performance shop put it all together this weekend...
<He built his wife's custom turbo'd NX2000 from scratch>

We had fun, but DAMN my hands feel like sh*t from all the power cleaning of the sludgy parts! :(
lol thas awesome i wish i knew all that shit
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