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Hi all, my fisrt post, please take it easy on me, nice forum!

My brother is looking to sell his 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX n/a 1.6L (looks like TBI injection), I'm unsure if its the EX or SE how can I tell?

The car has T-tops, and has the wagon hatch and the coupe hatch with it.

He has replaced the exhaust from the downpipe back I believe, new brakes, brakelines, and front suspension done recently, also a tune-up recently.

The car has some rust on the underbody but haven't looked personally to see if its just surface or more. the car runs and drives but think a clutch might need done in the future.

I'm asking him about mileage (he's at work ATM) but think its somewhere in the 100k Miles range.

Looking at NADA, KBB, Edmunds none go back to 1987, KBB shows with the 1988 Sportback NX lists for about $700 but doesn't have both hatches and work that can be listed.

So I think thats it, Major thanks in advance!!!
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