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how many miles do you have on the new 05-present pathfinder?

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I have just turned 83K miles on my pathfinder. How many miles do you all have? Anyone cross the 100K mile threshold with a new gen. pathfinder? Having this many miles on an 05, I seem to be blazing the trail for issues and problems. I bought mine new in 05 and had issues with it, nothing major yet. But it seems that the dealer doesn't see any issues but it seems that the bulletins come out after I had the problem fixed. Now I don't have a warranty and hopefully the kinks are worked out.
I don't have any issues with the motor. It's a beast. Change oil every 3500-4000 miles. No leaks, doesn't use a drip. I haven't been happy with the facory tires. I just put on my third set of tires. I pull a popup camper and did change the trans., diff fluids at 62K. Make sure you get the nissan automatic fluid. It is expensive but do it right. I hear horror stories of those that do not use it for Nissan vehicles. I hope to keep this vehicle for a while.
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'95 SE now has 220K and still going....

rebuilt trans @ 168K -- the stock radiator/trans cooler was mostly clogged and let the trans cook itself... replaced with best aftermarket radiator/trans cooler + external trans cooler I could get. recommend a new radiator at 150K just to be safe - at least have the radiator/trans cooler flow tested.

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