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I did a port and polish on my head myself. I got the port and polish kit from Matco Tools although Jegs sells a comparable kit for a little less(didn't find that out till after i bought mine...). I haven't had my car dynoed but it picked a little top end and lost some bottom end. I have read that you really need cam's to notice any difference. I port matched the intake and exhaust and cleaned up the runners in to the comnbustion chamber. There is plenty of work to be done there as there are lots of sharp angles so i rounded them out also i deshrouded the valves a little bit. When you take your head off you will definetely notice the undersized exhaust port and valves(they are tiny...). Hopes this helps. Since porting an polishing I have since added JWT ECU a hotshot(knockoff) CAI a hotshot header and just yesterday finished up my 2" header back exhaust( got a welder for Christmas SWEET) and the little GA feels pretty PEPPY. Taking it to the track on Friday and I will let you know what it runs.(off topic I know but to give you an idea of what you can expect):topic:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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