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How hard is it to remove and replace front fender, parking light, turn signal?

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Had a minor wreck that dented the front fender quarter panel and 2 lighting areas.

How easy is it for a non-mechanic to remove and replace the fender, front bumper, and the 2 lights? Pic attached
I found the 2 lighting assembly components new for about $6 and $15 each. I see the fenders going for around $50 at junkyards.

OE Replacement Parking Light Assembly
Parking and Turn Signal Light Assembly - Front Left


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I would think easier than you think. It will tell you how in the body and trim section of the service manual. There is a possibility you might need to look in the electrical section for the lights. Good luck with your fix.
Thanks. Will give it a try. The body shops quoted outrageously high prices for both the parts and the labor. I was surprised for how cheaply I found the parts compared to what they quoted. If I can do this DIY and find a junkyard fender for $50, bumper for $100, I could do it all myself for under $200 not including the value of my labor vs their $1000-1600 quote.

Even to order new fender panels for $40, black in color, primered, they said the new fender would rust quickly, that they wouldnt guarantee it if they painted it. I dont know if they were trying to discourage that bc it would really rust soon, or if instead they just wanted more business to repair the existing fender thats damaged.
They said the new primed fenders would rust faster if they painted them? Save yourself from their crazyness, removing and changing a bumper and a fender is not the end of the world.
No, they didnt say painting them would cause it to rust, but instead if I buy the replacement part and then they paint the replacement, compared to them pounding out, sanding, and repainting the original damage fender on my car. They said the replacement fender will rust out far faster, implying the quality of the replacement fender is crap, and if I get the new fender for them to paint, that they wont warranty it, claiming it would rust. I suspect it's a scare tactic, bc if I buy the new replacement fender, then all they would have to do is paint it. If they have to fix the damaged fender, then they would be able to bill for far more work at $75 per hour, then also charge for paint which was also expensive.
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