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IanH said:
If your tach has an inductive pick up you just clip it round the high tension wire.
You should be able to find this in your tach's instructions.
I have a 97 Sentra and want to check my RPM's as well. The only Tach I have is a Sears Tach/Dwell/Voltmeter that I use on my 69 Bug. It has two leads, a green one and a black one. To check the Bug's RPMs the instructions say to hook the green lead to the primary connector for the coil and the black lead to a ground. Which works fine. However, since my 97 Nissan's coil is inside the distributor, where would I hook my Tach on the Nissan. Is it even possible to use my old tach to check the Nissan? My Tach's instructions don't cover any year models after 1985, that's when I bought it.
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