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Re: 50/50 pre-mixed coolant?

sentrapower93 said:
While on the subject off coolant flush, anyone try the new 50/50 pre-mixed anti-freeze that's been hitting the auto parts shelves lately. I've seen them at auto zone, it's made by Prestone & Peak. Sure looks like it will make coolant changes alot easier since you just pour it in, and don't have to worry about mixing water & anti-freeze. I may try som next weekend when i do my yearly flush & fill... :)
I flushed my coolant earlier this year and I stuck to the old fashion 50/50 mix of anti-freeze and water. When you are draining your coolant out of your car, there is still some old coolant that is running within your car, so you would have to start your car to get the old stuff out, but make sure you put some new coolant in so you don't mess up your cooling system.

PS: I miss the boards for the GA16DE section :(
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