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Hello All. I'm thinking about dropping the Hotshot Headers into my 98 200sx SE-R. Is this a job that an inexperienced car enthusiast can do himself or do you recommend that I seek the professional guidance and services of a mechanic???

Thank you in advance for your advice!

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You can most definitely do it yourself...

Just take your time on the exhaust manifold studs, as some have briken them off while doing a header. I would recommend getting a good penetrating spray like PB blaster. You may even want to replace the studs while you are in can get new ones from Nissan. You dont have to do this though. spray all bolts and let sit for a little while....then have at is pretty straight forward..

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I would soak that spray like crazy a night before. Don't forget to spray it on the end of down pipe too. I think removing the radiator fans first (to make more room) will make your job easier too. And when you install them, make sure you use good (maybe it's better to get new ones) bolts and tight them with even amount of torque. I saw so many people with aftermarket SR20 header having header blot problems. (they come loose)

Good luck!


The header install is a definite do-it-yourself project. Very straightforward. Somewhere on is a tips & tricks section on this install.

Everybody is right - soak the live hell out of the header bolts - breaking one would really suck.

Let me know if ya get it done - gonna do it to mine in about 1 mo.

Good luck...
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