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He only has one tranny that was built by Level Ten. i have seen the car sevral times but have not road in it sence he put the Level Ten in from talking to him its like night and day.

i have a Det in my auto now with the tranny sliping some.but the car stills run good. i would say if you want to go turbo i would change the tranny fluid to synthetic and add a bigger tranny cooler this will help a lot with the heat and save the tranny.

i hope to put my level ten tranny in soon i hate seeing it on my living room floor :) i just have to get some time togather.

if you have question i can try and help

Dan the car meet man
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Don't forget I got a group deal goin through Level 10. Check the group deals section for more details. Spread the word so maybe someday we can get even better group deal prices! (current deal = $2864 for the tranny instead of retail $3264....)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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