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Well, I noticed majority of winning cars at almost all the local races have been tweaked by Hondata. Does Nissan have any comparable ECU tuner?
If there's none, i wish someone would start one.

By the way, I noticed something at their site (while looking for tweaks for the CR-V)

New Heatshield Gaskets Released Now available through any Hondata dealer!!!

NEW 95-00 Neon DOHC 2.0L & 2.4L
NEW 94-97 Miata 1.8L
NEW Accord/ Prelude H23/F22
00- Celica GTS
90-93 Mazda Miata 1.6
99- Mazda Miata 1.8
Nissan SR20DET
95-99 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo
90-94 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo
03- Mitsubishi EVO
00-03 Nissan 2.5 Sentra SER Spec-V
Hyundai V6 Tiburon
03- Hyundai Tiburon 4cyl
Subaru WRX
Acura TSX/03- Honda Accord/Honda Element

We are looking for individuals to test fitment on the following vehicles:

00-02 Nissan 1.8L Sentra
95-99 Nissan Sentra
Ford Focus

Those interested in test fitment please contact [email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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