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I have a 93 NX1600 I made some sentra coil overs work I run 2 1/4" aluminized piping to an apex dunk' I made my own intake. and a few other riced out additions. I love the ga16de- I have been the devil to this engine and it never lets me down. I have not been beat- most think it's the mighty sr20 under the hood when they get beat, but it's the ga16de. This engine gets what maybe 90 to the ground, and evryone talks trash, but can't really beat me so I wonder is it worth it to keep it, or make the swap. I read so many articles about the swap in sentras- is it any different with my NX. Is it worth even touching this 1.6 where you can build it with bolt on's and pulleys and advance your timing with a maf out of a 240 and get worked by a stock sr20??????????????????????????????????? tell me something?
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