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It's back...Here you can list any and all things you want to sell or might need.

Same rules apply from before but we need to be more vigilant about aging For Sale/Wanted ads.
Therefore, if your ad is beyond 2 months old from posting date, then it will be deleted.
If you need to create a new post about it then that is fine.

Please read through the rest of the rules before placing or reviewing an ad:

- Please be very specific in describing the item and pictures always help.
- Please list contact information so that a user can reach you.
- Once an item is sold, please send a Private Message to DNE and the post will be deleted.
- All other posts will be deleted...please Private Message the owner of the post for each item if you have a question about it.

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Xenon HID kits for most Nissan bulb types.

Selling Xenon HID retrofit kits for most Nissan bulb types. Just need to specify bulb type and color temperature.

Private message here or at [email protected]

i personally have 12k setups on my Honda civic (EJ6) and 200SX (B14).
i have them on the high/low beams and fog lamps.

i can also get LED lights, but be warned of issues when applying to turn signals or flashers.

prices range from 100-150 depending on kit.
locally located here in Houston for quick and easy delivery/shipping.
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