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Hey guys (and gals!)...Ok, so I finaly installed the XS headers and the downpipe on my 02 3.5 slushbox. MAN... WHAT A FREAKIN' PAIN THAT WAS!...I still have Took me 10 hours to remove everything and 1 hour to bolt on the headers and the downpipe. I must say I'm very impressed by those "generic" headers(mine are from "Megan Racing"), the welds are very clean and the chrome is perfect. Fitment was great, besides the hanger location on the downpipe, but I persuated it to fit with the help of my trusty BFH! lol

Now, my Alti now has the following setup: K&N WAI, Variable intake runners assembly removed, 4-1 headers + downpipe, stock cat-back(wait, I have no cats :eek:P) with the mufflers deleted in favor of 2.5 piping, drop resistor mod, drilled and slotted rotors @ the four corners.

My next mods are the transgo reprogram kit (HD-2) and having the exhaust exit in front of the rear wheels, either both on 1 side (nascar style) or 1 on each side...not sure yet.


Since I'm welding up my own exhaust, what is the best resonator to run on the VQ?, as I'm not putting any mufflers on it. I want a nice deep burble at idle or part throttle


If I decide to have the exhaust dump only on the driver side, is 2.5" sufficient or should I go to 3" ?


Does anybody have hard facts about the effects of removing the variable intake runner assembly? My but-o-meter says it lost a bit of low end(did wonders for the torque steer!!!) and moved the torque peak thowards the top but I'm curious as to what the truth realy is??

I've been modding 9C1 caprices for the past few years, but this Nissan engine is a dammed sweet piece of machinery (I smell a G35 or G37 in my future!! lol)

Just looking for some pointers as I'm fairly new to this FWD setup, BUT I'M LOVIN' IT!...Altima 3.5 SE = Sleeper from hell!...ha ha ha!

Thanx alot people, lookin' forward to chatting with some of you soon!

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