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Got a 2002 Pulsar (aka Almera) with the QG18DE and it has a thirst for oil but no oil leaks to be seen, been underneath, ran hands and rags over engine but no oil. underneath of the engine and car is even oil free :wtf:
To put it into figures it has chewed through 4 litres of oil in less than 5000 miles on a semi regular basis (particularly regular higher speed driving 70-80mph) Fuel consumption is ok also 30 to 40mpg even with highway driving.

My Dad thinks its the Castrol magnatech (5w30 fully synthetic) "evaporating" his reasoning so called "expert mechanics" at the bar telling him that mineral oil is the only safe bet and synthetic will seize the engine in no time at all and is all an oil company conspiracy :wtf: :bs:)

Is this normal for this engine to chew through oil or has anyone else experienced this and found a reason behind it?

Could it be oil breakdown? It isnt burning oil, no smoke on start up, engine doesnt rattle either.

Any thoughts would be appreciated a lot, would love to get to the bottom of this in case theres something nasty lurking
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