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sunnydet90 said:
i mean the stock flanges? will they bolt up to an aftermarket high flow cat for a 91-99 sentra
2 things will say if it does or not.. lenght (easy to fix though) and diameter (not so easy to fix) if both these match up.. then yes it will..

my guess is since your asking for aftermarket high flow cat.. you most likely dont have a stock exhaust anymore..

my suggestion to you is to compare what you have to a stock sesntra of the years your asking about (91-99) if im not mistaking... 2 in I.D. and the lenght on those cats probably fall into the 8 to 12 in long range.. i think... damn im going out on a limb here now that i think about it for the lenght hehe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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