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Well mike, I guess I am more trying to make the internals stronger. I know that the actual gain will be slim....but alot of slim gains from doing alot of upgrades should equal more go than show. I am already above the 200whp mark but would like to get to 210 or even 220 in the near future. I just sent my other block (QR25) out to have it sleeved, I am looking for another spec to make a turbo set up. with that car I am just going to keep going til I reach the 400+whp mark. I know that with this motor I will never see whp like that but I guess I would really want to pick your brain as to who has the highest n/a spec-v besides Team RTR???!!!! I really want to hit maybe 325-335whp with nitrous. I have changed my nx set up to direct port with a controller, and have all the bolt-ons, plus I know every inch of the head both in and out!!!!!(port & poilshed & machined .003)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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