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chimmike said:
nobody will release HID kits because it is ILLEGAL to purchase aftermarket HID kits in the US now.

Has been illegal for 6 months or more. Whoever told you that is bsing you.

There are a few companies that are waiting to see how the latest petition by SEMA against NHTSA's ruling pans out. As it stands, they are in essence illegal (this is because the NHTSA believes any change to the OEM lighting is detrimental to the function of the system). This is false, the NHTSA provided no proof that HID replacements would be more dangerous on the road. Hopefully SEMA wins. I think the period for public comment is still open, so you can voice your objection to the NHTSA if you want.


Link to a site that published SEMA's press release.

Honestly, the companies that have shown us their conversion kits are well made, well designed, and very expensive. And no one had a kit for Sentras. Silverstars are very good, bright and probably adequate for most people. I tried a set once, the low beams burned out after 3 months, oh well. No one else I have spoken has had that problem, maybe I got a bad pair.
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