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I am developing a new breed of gauges and wanted to get some opinions and feedback from the import guys.

The prototype gauges should be ready in approxamately three months. It will demo all the features and graphics that will be available.

Some of the features include:
1) One unit will monitor and display up to 4 engine perameters.(RPM, Boost/vac, Fuel Press, and A/F Ratio)
2) F1 style shift lights, and warning lights.
3) Unit will have a number of different color combos for face and letters. For example black face with red letters or silver face with blue letters and many more. All at the touch of a button.
4) Playback feature.
5) Easy to install. Will connect to factory sensors.
6) Hi definition color graphics ( NOT LEDs, NOT DIGITAL )

And the list goes on.
Unlike anything seen today in the automotive market.

Units will work great with supercharged and turbocharged applications.

Any questions or feedback will be appretiated.

Thank You.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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