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New guy on the block. I own a 2000 Frontier XE - 3.3L, bougth it used
with 40,000mi & today I have 135,000 mi. on it. Have a question, rear
drum will not come off. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove
Thank You,
rwing 478

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Hi, welcome to the forum! I suggest you post this thread in the Suspension & Brakes section, you'll get a lot more responses. Maybe a mod will move it for you...

I am not familiar with the drum brake set up on a Frontier. On my 200SX, I used a rubber mallet to tap the edges of the drum. Came off easy after a couple of whacks. Oh, and remember to release the parking brake.....I made that mistake...:D:D:D Also, check to see if the drum has two threaded holes on it. If you can find a bolts to fit those holes, you can pop off the drum by alternately tightening the bolts in the holes.

That's all the advice I can offer, anything else would be specific to the Sentra/200SX platform. I have no idea if they closely resemble the Frontier brake system. Hopefully another member can come along and provide more information....

EDIT - Forgot to mention you should run a search on the forum, maybe someone else has already made a thread about drum brake removal on your vehicle. Good luck.
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