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G'day all,
Jim from Sydney Australia here. Happy owner of two 1970's Skylines.
Daily driver is my '75 240K sedan(HGC110). A Skyline by another name. Same car in Japan was badged as a Skyline GT. Great little car really.
In the garage is my "big boys toy" ...a 1972 Skyline GTX coupe (KGC10). At some time in its life its been turned into a GT-R (KPGC10, the P was to acknowledge the Prince Motors connection, where the wonderful S20 engine was conceived and developed) look-a-like!...hense my I.D.
So unlike a real GT-R with the screamin' crossflow twin cam S20, it has the single cam 280 block with lotsa goodies like triple 44phh Mikunis, Fujitsubo exhaust, 'n out on the same side. Allegedly built by Kakimoto race engines, although this is hard to validate.
My car is one of two like this in Australia at the moment. To give you an idea of the lengths the previous owner went to to get the right look, the rear quarter panels are different stampings from the GT to the GT-R,( a larger diameter wheel arch) this car has the correct rear quarter panels, not simply cut and dressed. Nice 15" Watanabes too! Many other little, and not so little changes. Still a lot that could be done to complete the illusion, but I'll only speak of those as I do them.
I never want to pretend it's a real 2000 GT-R (or KPGC10 if you like), but a classic example of 1970's Japanese performance streetcar scene.
You'll probably only find me around the Skyline or older Datsuns forums......but If anyone ever wants to talk about the Prince and Skyline motorsport and roadcar history.....I'm in :thumbup:

Cheers Guys,
P.S. ....and I'm 48 tomorrow!! :givebeer:
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