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My name is Alain.

I drive a 2003 Nissan Xterra SE Supercharged and a 2000 Jetta 2.0

The Xterra is my 3rd Nissan, I started with a 240sx in the early 90's and then purchased a 2000 Sentra SE, swapped that one for the Xterra in 2003.

I really like off-roading when I go up to the cottage in Quebec since I have purchased the truck.

I had the idea to register to Nissan forums to get details and info on all kinds of nissan stuff: Warranties, Recalls, Dealer Horror Stories, Good experiences, Know Problems...

My Truck is currently at 55,000 KMs and my warranty ends in 5,000 KMs.
I am not sure if I should purchase the Extended warranty or it's not worth it on this type of vehicule.;

Looking forward to talking to all of you.

Big Al
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