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Hi i'm new here so yea.

My name is Henley. I'm a student and I love import cars. Espically Nissan. I drive a 240SX. Nothing special for anything yet. I'm planning to do a S15 conversion when I save up some money and have free time. I'm a big fan of JGTC and D1(s). I currently live in Los Angeles. I've been into cars since I was in middle school. I got into this kind of stuff by a good friend of mine down at church.

Thank you for your time and I hope we get along quite fine. :thumbup:

My friend and his buddies and I are working on this website called I am not allowed to advertise without paying.

We have our own product supplier straight out of Japan.

We are currently looking at locations right now. We are settling around the Fountain Valley (close to Irvine and Santa Ana). IF things go well we will have the place started by April of 2005. Right now were are currently selling stuff online and phone calls.

We have many products that aren't host up online yet. Give us a call and we'll see what we have that fits your need.

All products are legit and straight JDM.

This is the website:
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