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What's up everybody? I'm new, as you guys know. My name is Joe, and I've been a Nissan fan since I was little. My dad(my mom doesn't drive) owned a 240SX turbo, but he traded it for a Mecury Topaz when I was about three:( . Then he got an 89' Maxima but the clutch was giving him problems after a while and he got tired of fixing it so he got a 95' Pathfinder. He had that until the electrical system started to go on the fritz. He got an 01' Quest and that is what he drives now. He also bought a 90' truck(I forgot what model) in 03' but he had to sell it for some money. Now that I'm ready to drive, he will probally get me a 300ZX in a few months. Well, that's my history with Nissan. I also play guitar with my friends. I hope to have a fun time on these forums.
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