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Hey.I believe I registered here a long while ago(over a year ago),but I'm back.Seems like my username and all is gone,so I went on and re-registered.

Yall may remember me,some may not.To refresh some minds,I was the one who was 13,and looking for a car,and was wondering wether I should've went for a Miata or 240SX,and I believe some other cars(the Miata was cheaper,but 240SX was upgraded some) to ride around some around our neighbor hood,and well,start tuning up for when I can really race out on a dragstrip(there's a small little circle out there we'll sometimes drive a car around once or twice.Only when a car needs to be moved,say,for a washing,or to not get wet from washing another car)(I'll probably get one next year,when I get my learners,and a good enough job.I may need the money now for my girlfriend. At least she's one of the best looking,nicest girls in the school....)

Well,I'll say it again,thanx whichever mod,or admin saved me from that attack I got.But anyway,I'm back.

For those who don't know me,I'm 13,14 in about 2 weeks,love cars,racing,all that.All types of cars.Trucks,Cars,super cars,sports cars,muscle cars,tuner cars,all of them(cept for mini-vans.Hate them 101.7%)

I like playing games,like Need for Speed Underground,and Gran Turismo,as well as Ace Combat.Ever since Gran Turismo(the original one) I've been trying to get even better at the games I play,which were mostly racing,so by now I'm one of the most skilled racers you'll race online.Well,in Need for Speed Underground(not 2 yet,about halfway through beating it,and then gotta practice the tracks and all before I go online)

On another topic,I like all kinda of music.Rock,Pop,Rap,Country,you get the idea.Almost anything cept for Opera.

I try to be as nice as I can,so,don't try flaming me and such.I won't attack you back like you want me to. lol

I like to learn whatever I can about cars though.When I open up a car magazine,I look at the pics of the car,to see what it is,and go right to the table showing it's stats.You know. 0-60,Maz Horse Power,all that.I plan to get a car,tune it up,and go down to the drag strip whenever I can.Maybe a track if I can find one.Maybe sometime I can get sponsered and all through that.Hopefully...

So,now that you know almost everything about me(cept that I live in Virginia),Hey.What's up?

(And I see you still got the same lil emoticons over there... :loser: Not much has changed,or has it? o_O )

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Welcome to NF! Sorry to hear that your old username was deleted, but hey, if you're not around they ain't gonna keep it. And btw this is a car forum, not a dating site. No need to post all of your information up like that.
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