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Let me start by saying that I know this is not the classified section... but as some of you may know, I just traded my King Cab Desert Runner in for a Crew Cab 4x4 and I have to buy a shallower sub and build a new custom box. If any of you king cab owners live in the DFW area and are wanting a little thump... I have a 10" fosgate HE 2 900w sub in a custom built box that fit's behind the driver seat and has a concealed compartment for the amp and fires downward. It's sounds friggin awesome and hits pretty low while leaving you some utility in the back of the cab (still can use the jump seat on passenger side and you can pile stuff on the box) . If you are interested let me know and I will send you pictures. I'd like to get $175 for the whole set up. Email me at [email protected].

I did find some good dimensions on a crew cab box by the way. Does anybody have any good experience with different sub set-ups (1 10" or 2 8")? also has anybody heard of Earthquake "Shallow Woofers" ? do they sound any good. They look like they'll go in any box!


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here are some good 8" subs (and btw...most 8"s work nicely in smaller enclosures)

Resonant Engineering RE8
Image Dynamics ID8 or the IDQ8
Adire Koda 8
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