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frank ya you should tap the upper oil pan if you can and not the valve cover. Also see if you can get the exhuast welded together or like matt said get some exhaust flanges welded on there.

Hey Frank did you get the mandral bent or non-mandrla bent reverse y-pipe?

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seximagtr said:
You have an option of either oil pan or valve cover for return - not both... you only have one oil return... unless you just like to leave a trail of oil for ppl to follow :)

All the new piping from PFI is mandrel bent.

My setup i.e. the following

You're same turbo setup i.e. ball bearing 60 trim T4/T04E
Blitz SBCID - 16 psi currently working some issues out with my busted wastegate
Tial Wastegate
Emanage/ Injector/ Ignition/ Software uplink harness
Innovate Motorsports Wideband O2 w/ datalogging
HKS Type 1 Turbo timer

Boost, EGT, fuel press gauges
Nismo 555cc injectors
Cartech FMU
Walbro 255lph hi flo pump
Mobil 1
ACT Stage II clutch
Pacesetter STS
Warpspeed full mandrel 3 inch piping turboback (i.e. no cat)
Magnaflow Street Series 3 inch muffler

Guees that's about it?
Sweet. You live in Houston???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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