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Here's a Peek!

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This is the VG30E I've been building but it's not for the HB but it's for a "90" Maxima!

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That's beautiful man! My engine ain't got no bling like that, haha. So what's the differences between the KA24E and the VG30E?
Pure torque. THose VG's make what a 4cyl does almost at idle.


VG30E w/headers
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Nice charts! Notice that torque curve It's almost flat as Texas! This V-6 has ported heads, port matched from the Intake elbow to the exhaust ports, Isky Cams, Jwt ECU, ARP rod bolts, Balanced bottom end, .5mm oversized pistons, flow matched fuel injectors, 3 angle valve job, CAI, High Flow Cat and Performance catback system, Mallory ignition control box and coil ! Is that VG30E is in a 4x4 or a Pathfinder? The hp portion seems a bit on the lowside like a 4x4!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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