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OK, I was talking to a freind of mine at work about how my 200sx engine died. And when I told him about getting a new clutch put it he said that that may have casue my engine to go. What he siad is that, maybe, when the mechanic put the new clutch in and had the flywheel resurfaced, that he might not have aligned it and the may have unbalanced the engine causing other problems. Shortly after the clutch was replaced, I started hearing a rattling/grinding sound, and he said that it might have been the engine causing something to rattle. (The guy that put the clutch in also towed my car and he said that I had thrown a Rod.)

Now that I am getting a new engine put in, they said I needed a new clutch cause it was worn bad and cracked. Then later he calls back and says that the flywheel needs to be resurfaced because it has an area that it raised in 1 spot from the center of the wheel to the edge. Which makes me think that it was off balance.

So, what I am trying to get to is that, I was wondering if this is possible and I think that if it is, then I am going to make the mechanic that put the new clutch in pay 4 my new engine.
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