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Hi, i'm new to the board and i just need some help with installing this device into my xterra. I have 2001 xterra and recently i purchased a Omnifi DMP1 Digital Media Player for 200$. The installation seems pretty simple but i have hard time deciding if i shoud do it or should i go to a shop and have a pro do it.

I live in Orlando, FL, but i go to school up here in Rockland, NY so i'm not that familiar with the area. I have friends in Merrick, NY and all around NY and NJ area, but i need someone to referr me to a good shop that can do this installation for me.

Here is some info on the player i bought and some options i have:

Player and Installation Info

Someone's Installation

I dont know where should i attach my faceplate so i was thinking of purchasing cd player normal size, and then taking out xterras stock cd player/radio and replacing with new cd player on top half and my new mp3 player on bottom half.

If i get this done by a pro, how much do you think it will cost me?

Or should i just do this on my own?


ps: very nice board
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