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Im currently having some loud noise coming from my a/c compressor. I have a 2002 3.5L . It sounds similar to bad brake pads when theyre applied.. the grinding sound. The noise is constant, whether the air is on or not. actually, the engine shutters and shuts down if I turn the air on..
in the photo you can see ..when the car is running
the "tabs"? in yellow, move about.. should they?
the orange disc " in red, doesnt move..
and the pulley wheel, blue.. spins.. thankfully.. but its very noisey
If I recall,. the a/c unit has a clutch assembly, which can be replaced ? does it sound like its the clutch? or the a/c itself?
possibky the bearings in the pulley? would that require replacing the a/c compressor iteself?
and last.. could any more damage be done if I use the car without the air running until I can get this fixed?
photo linked for size..
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