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I have a problem that I hope that someone might be able to help me with here....

I recently bought a 98 200sx Se-R from a sr20forum member for an awesome price, and am back in the SR20 game!!!! (My last SE-R was stolen!) It came with the GC/Agx combo installed, with about 30k on the setup. He had it pretty low, and Im sure one of the front struts is blown, but I was getting a lot of play in the steering, so I took the front struts out to check them out. I have never seen a set of GCs on a car first hand before, and I dont have pics to share, but here is the deal.

1. I need a set a directions for the install, or a link to a post with them, perferably with pics.

2. Someone tell me if you are supposed to reuse the top spring perch with the GCs, or you leave it off, and just use the tophat that comes with the kit.

3. Which tophat goes in the front, the taller one or the shorter one (my car has the shorter one in the front.....

4. I bought some new bearings for the front (the one that goes on top of the top spring perch and below upper mount, because one was completely destroyed on my car, do i use these with the GCs? Is there something that comes with the kit (bushing or bearing) that Im missing?

5. Im planning to buy some Tein Pillow Mounts from JGY soon, to go with a custom strut/coilover setup that I would like to build for myself in the next few months once I get the original suspension parts from the owner....anyone have any experiance with these? Anyone have some good detailed pics of these?

Any help would be greatly appreciated....the car is nice and low, with about a 2.5 inch drop, I plan on getting it a little higher for use with some 17 wheels Im looking at, but I live in LA and most of the roads around here are too rough for the setup I have now (although it corners like a mo-fo compared to my last car). Ive searched the forums, and I get a lot of info, but the specifics Im looking for I cant find.....HELP!!!!

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