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Help With A Skyline

1305 Views 11 Replies 4 Participants Last post by  MostH8D new here and im trying to find out how much ruffly and what mods i have to do to first of all get a skyline in canada and secondly, make it street legal. I was trying to figure this out for a while....and i haven't had ne ideas on where eles to look, so i though were better then nissan forums? lol....but any help will be greatly appreciated...thanks:)
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"Wouldn't be like the habits of the coattail-ridaz, to ask something of those that can't afford A FREAKING SKYLINE!!! for info that only a little of his elbow grease would find?"

it's like the cloned ricers out there wanting someone to hold their hand on ripping out the RB's from the skyline's chest and drop them in a puny little gocart.

what do you have to do to make it street legal?

give it everything a street car has and a race car does not.

think emissions.

i'll help more if you give me a skyline too. then i'll do the work for you, and then show you how to drive it.

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having someone else do the work for you?
think a lot of money.
think... might as well sign up for GT so i can make some of that money back. but then you wouldn't want it to be a strangled street legal car, now would you?

nothing like taking the most badass, hottest, orgasmic car in the world, and strapping a chastity belt on it.
you still crying? come over to the uk boards so you can cry there too. lots of daily drivers there wearing chastity belts and what ever other fetishes you have.

get a job wanker.
you another [email protected]$s that doesn't read?

you're taking a car that is capable of GT racing off the line...
and bringing it down to mustang level.

good job.

kinda like those that think the RB is better suited for the Silvia, even though the Skyline chassis has proven itself over and over.

think it might be a lil smarter to just get the freaking car legalized?
see the other thread.

1. you dont even know what you are talking about.
2. buy yourself a miata or a mustang and join their forum. GTFO the skyline board if you are just going to cry everytime someone posts they have a skyline.
3. keep crying. at the end of the day i have a skyline and you dont.
BTW rob.

this board doesnt see much traffic and you may be better off looking at the uk boards or nico for other canadians that post regularly.
at the end of the day, you have an illegal Skyline, and what could be a good restoration project in the future, or a kid's ticket into GT... will instead be the funding for yet another Magnum

nice to know another sickest car in the world is being babysat by another $30K millionaire.
at the end of the day, you have an illegal Skyline, and what could be a good restoration project in the future, or a kid's ticket into GT... will instead be the funding for yet another Magnum

nice to know another sickest car in the world is being babysat by another $30K millionaire.
more stupidity coming from a know nothing punk... please either end your life or stop posting...

to the OP come check out you will find all you need there :D and also check out :: Imported Vehicles Owners Association of Canada for all the info about our laws regarding imported vehicles

the only skylines we can currently get in Canada are R32's however R33 GT-t will be available in August but no GTR's until 09

to get them street legal in Canada is very minimal

what you need to have done to the car is

DOT approved headlights(accord, infiniti j30 lights fit, there is also a custom one that is available through certain connections i have)
AS1 or AS2 aprooved windsheild
3rd high mount brake light

a neutral safety switch is also required, BUT only if the vehicle came with one from the factory since no skyline came with it its not needed

tail lights are a non-issue since someone had a private study performed by daniel stern lighting(the same person who DOT consults)on JIS tail lights and it was prooven that JIS tail lights are equal to or greater than DOT tail lights... and at most a bulb change would be all thats needed...

as for emisions that depends entirely on your locale... where i live there is no testing so i have no cat on my GTR... but tons of people who live in GTO and Van have passed there air care...

any questions feel free to ask, but go to GTRC for best results...
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so you're telling me, i don't have to do squat to lower the rev's on a Skyline before i can drive it in the US?
the same thing that was needed for the Lambo, and Integra?
lol man you are dumb... where did you read that a cracker jack box or animal crackers?

lower the revs? lol thats the funniest thing i have ever heard in my life...

heres a lil skyline history lesson for your dumbass

back in japan when GTR's came out of the factory there was a lil yellow wire that restricted the boost to 14psi, by removing that yellow wire and adding a boost controller the GTR went from about 280whp to 305whp, add in a 3" exhaust and better intake and you're at 325whp,,, and up from there...

as for lambo's and integras having there revs limited, lol, it has nothing to do with laws, its the manufacturer, go read a book and stop huffing gas damn it... even if there is a factory rev limiter there is nothing preventing you from removing it...

hell i know people who dont run any emmissions crap on there cars until its time for a emmissions test... but thats totally different than a factory rev limiter

please keep posting you are entertaining at least 10,000 people with this
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u r teh n00b!

cite your sources. dont just say some funny ass stuff like that and not cite your source.

that is some funny shit. in all your other rants you come off to be some expert driver, soon to be big name in the circuits and all around car guru and this is the best you can come up with? no wonder you dont understand anything...
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