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Help w/ purchasing decisions.

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I want to save up for a new nissan but I'm not sure what to get. Maybe you guys can help me.
I currently drive a 94 Sentra XE w/ an automatic tranny.

What i want:
  • 2 door
  • 4 cylinder
  • SR20 or a GA16DE
  • No turbo (nothing agianst it, i just figured i would save gas w/ out it; I have a long commute)
  • Something which wouldn't be to hard to find parts for.
  • Standard Tranny
  • I preffer lighter cars.
  • Early to Mid 90's

I'm a car newb so i don't really know much about cars or whats out there. Is it easier to learn stick on a front wheel drive car or a rear wheel?

I'm going to use it as a daily driver but i would like to be able to put some money in to it. I might do some basic performance upgrades but i probably wont really worry about visual moddifications other than wheels or maybe lowering it a little bit (though after reading the FAQs in the suspension forum i'm not to sure). Anybody have an tips as to what models i could look around for? Its gonna be a while untill i have the money saved up but there is no reason i can't research in the mean time.

If i think of anything else Ill Edit and add to my list.

Thanks for any and all help guys.
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Why not go with a 1991 or newer 240SX. A very reliable and popular car. Our "240SX/Silvia/S12 200SX" forum has loads of info.
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