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Sounds like the head gasket failed...which you really can't blame on the engine flush. These engines were known for the occassional head gasket failure. The job itself is fairly easy on this head gaskets go... The question is the integrity of the rings and if there is any resurfacing required to the deck of the head. You can't measure the head for warpage until it's removed. If it does need resurfacing, this will increase the compression slightly. Sometimes when you increase the compression on an old engine, you end up with an oil burning engine as the old rings can't handle the new-found compression. If you want to take a gamble, replace the head gasket, resurface the head if necessary and see how it goes.

As far as "rebuild kits," the parts are available to rebuild your A14. Gasket kits, rings, bearings, even pistons are all available from Nissan as well as aftermarket sources, such as Fel-pro and TRW/Sealed power. Start adding in labor and machine shop services, that $1000 estimate may be on the "low" side.

Another alternative is searching for a used JDM (Japanese Domestic market) engine. Do some Google searching and you should find some.
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